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Beginning Older Puppy Training 070617

Thursday, July 6, 2017
7:30 PM - 8:20 PM
HSSV's Training Room
901 Ames Ave
Milpitas, CA 95035
United States


Lay the foundation for a lifetime of good manners!

Beginning Older Puppy Training is the perfect first training class for your new older puppy (4 ½ months  – 8 months old). Our goal is to provide a safe, fun learning environment that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully work with your older puppy to get the kind of behavior you like, both at home and out in the world! 

At Humane Society Silicon Valley, we know that socialization is the single most important part of raising a puppy.  Socialization is the process of introducing pups to all kinds of objects, experiences, locations, noises that they will experience in the real world but may still find a bit scary or novel. We help introduce, and teach you how to intorduce them to these thing in a positive, safe and controlled environment while they’re young to help them become comfortable, well-adjusted adult dogs. Most of the aggression, fear, shyness, and other serious behavior problems we see in adult dogs stem from under-socialization during puppy hood. 

Coursework includes:

  • Learning to effectively communicate with your puppy
  • Teaching your puppy to overcome any fear of new things, people or experiences
  • Handling techniques to create a calm, comfortable puppy during examinations or general handling
  • Fundamental behaviors like sit, down and stay
  • Come (recall) one of the most important behaviors for your pup to stay safe
  • Polite Greeting: teach your pup not to jump on you, other family members and friends
  • Loose-leash walking so you’re not pulled down the street when your pup grows up
  • Learning how to teach your pup new behaviors


We’ll also help you work through the basics of bringing your new older puppy home.  We’ll talk about housetraining issues, crate training, alone time training and “naughty” behaviors like chewing undesirable items and how to help your puppy make the right decisions.  

Beginning Older Puppy Training is 6 consecutive weeks long unless skip dates are noted below. Each session is on the same day and time each week that the class began (As an example: Tuesday 6:15 start date will always meet Tuesdays at 6:15 ) and class lasts approximately 50 minutes.

The first class session is for humans only; pups attend sessions 2-6 with you and/or your entire family.  This class is designed specifically to meet the training and socialization needs of pups that are 8-18 weeks old when class begins. Your puppy must be 10 days past their initial (first) vaccination for DHPP on the first day of class. You will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

 Click here to review all our group dog class rules and policies.

The one-time class fee covers all 6 classes and is an investment in your puppy's future!  You and your pup can feel great knowing that a portion of your training class fees benefit the homeless animals in our community!


Beginning Older Puppy Training Class Pricing

$150 General Registration

$125 for Adopters (click here to find out if you qualify for our adopter fee)

$130 for HSSV Dog Park Members (click here to learn about membership)

Did you adopt from HSSV and have training included in your adoption? Email us at to get enrolled! 

This class is taught by Melissa Dallier.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page, or contact our Training Department at or (408)262-2133 x352.

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