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Reliable Recall Workshop 021619

Saturday, February 16, 2019
4:30 PM - 5:20 PM
HSSV's Sports Yard
901 Ames Ave
Milpitas, CA 95035

Please make sure to register prior to attending class. We are unable to accept 'drop ins'.

Are you confident your dog would come back to you in an emergency?

All too often we hear about dogs running out of their homes and being injured or worse.  Devastated pet owners often say they wish they could have prevented it from happening if only their dog had a reliable recall!  This seminar will show you how to teach your dog to come when called even in the midst of distractions and temptations. You will also learn how to train an "Emergency Recall" for those times when temptation is too much and they do manage to dash out the door.

Reliable Recall is a 1-hour workshop. Bring your hungry, dog-friendly dogs only on a 6 to 8 foot leash (no flexis or retractable leashes) and fabulous treats.

Please Also Note: At this time we do not require the Canine Influenza Virus vaccination. However, we HIGHLY recommend it!



Class will be held rain or shine! In the event of rain, class will be held in the Training Room!  

This cost of this seminar is $35. You can feel great knowing that a portion of your seminar fees benefit the homeless animals in our community! 

 Reliable Recall Workshop Pricing:

$35 for General Registration

$30 for HSSV Dog Park Members (click here to learn about membership)

$30 for Adopters (click here to find out if you qualify for our adopter fee)

This seminar is taught by Cecilia Sternzon, CPDT MBA

Questions, call our Behavior & Training Department at 408/262-2133 x352 or e.mail

We're sorry, the deadline for buying tickets for this event has passed.