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HSSV Seeks a Special Home and Financial Aid for Max

We do so much here at HSSV to help dogs, cats and rabbits who need extra medical or behavioral help.  And we are typically successful at helping animals get well so they can be adopted into loving homes with families who will care for them as family members for the rest of their lives.  

But every now and then, an animal comes to us that cannot be healed.  Our hope during those times is that we can provide these deserving animals with friendship and comfort for a few days, weeks or months in a home.  We know this has the potential to be hard on the heart, but we feel that it’s some of the most important work that we do.

Max came to the care of HSSV after the City of Sunnyvale was called to investigate a cruelty case.  He had lived in a crate for 10 years in someone’s garage and had a rubber band imbedded so deeply in his neck that the skin had grown over it in places and had open sores and infection on other parts of his neck.  We treated his wounds and have been giving him daily love and care. Just as we started to feel hopeful, we noticed that he drank a LOT of water and had to urinate frequently.  Our veterinarians ran some tests and sure enough, Max is in the beginning stages of kidney failure.   

While kidney failure isn’t curable, no one has told Max.

Max has completely and utterly embraced each day here at HSSV with joy and abandon. He has absolutely loved being cared for by our vets, being walked by our staff, and soaking up the love of our volunteers.  He is 11-years-old and acts like he’s a 33-pound puppy.  We couldn’t let this guy go without asking for a special home for him – one that will love him for the remainder of his days – regardless of how many that might ultimately be.

The ideal family for Max must be willing to:
1)    Give tons of love – every single day.  He wants desperately to be with people.
2)    Take Max for walks – he didn’t get the luxury of a walk for 10 years until we was with us! He loves his daily walks!
3)    Provide him with access to as much water as he wants, 24 hours a day.
4)    Provide him with a dog door (and teach him to use it!) so he can have easy access to the yard to urinate.
5)    Be willing to bring him to HSSV for blood work every six months to monitor his kidneys.
6)    Be willing to feed him a special prescription diet that HSSV will provide for the remainder of his life.
7)    Allow him to bond with you – he’s a great dog that is very people focused and is ready to love someone.

Max would most likey do best in a home where he is the only dog so his family can spoil him. After being neglected for so long, he wants nothing more than to crawl in your lap. If you cannot offer your home for Max, please consider sponsoring him with a financial gift or perhaps consider helping in some other way (such as a donation of prescription food).  For more details on what Max might need or what HSSV will financially need to help Max and others like him, contact Or to put your name on a list of people who are willing to help with hospice for our animals in the future, click here to sign up.

Carly - Pet of the Week

Meet Carly

I’m outgoing and love to play!

If you like adventures, then I’m the dog for you! I love hiking, jogging and swimming. Plus, I’m super smart and love to learn new tricks.

Watch my video and read more about me!


Don’t Miss Our Summer Music & Wine Festival!

Bring your family and pets for a relaxing afternoon at Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) on Sunday, August 1 from 1:00-6:00 PM for fun, FREE entertainment!

Enjoy live music from one of the Bay Area’s favorite bands: The Joe Sharino Band. Marvel at dog agility & flyball demonstrations and bring your four-legged friend to visit our members-only dog parks. Meet Abbie, the surfing dog, a former HSSV alumni who’s now showing off her hang ten moves in the movie “Marmaduke"!

Become an HSSV “Patron for the Day” for $20 to join in wine and beer tasting, tasty finger foods and receive special HSSV discounts. Take advantage of special giveaways and coupons for pet-related products. Learn more about our Animal Community Center services such as boarding, grooming, doggie daycare, training and more. And, visit all of our adorable cats, dogs and rabbits in our adoption galleria!

The day’s events:
1:00 – 3:00 PM:  Meet Abbie, the surfing dog, featured in the movie “Marmaduke”!
1:00 – 5:00 PM:  Free arts & crafts for kids in the Education Center
1:30 – 2:00 PM:  Dog agility/flyball demonstrations
2:00 – 4:00 PM:  Live music by The Joe Sharino Band
4:30 – 5:00 PM:  Dog agility/flyball demonstrations

HSSV’s Summer Music and Wine Festival is presented by the PETCO Foundation and PETCO. Abbie the surfing dog’s appearance is sponsored by Heavenly Greens and Doubltree Hotel, San Jose. Wine and beer tasting is provided by the following: Big Dog Vineyards, Canine Wines, Jason-Stephens Winery, Joseph George Fine Wines, Mutt Lynch Winery, Tied House Brewery, and Varner Wines.

HSSV Helps Special Needs Cat Find Loving Home

Flynn, a handsome 5-year-old tuxedo kitty, was surrendered to HSSV by his owner when her visa expired and she had to return to her homeland. Flynn’s owner was worried that Flynn wouldn’t thrive during the six-month mandatory quarantine period due to his special needs. She contacted HSSV to see if we would consider taking Flynn in. Born to a mother cat who was malnutritioned and suffering from distemper, Flynn suffered from a neurological disorder that made it difficult for him to walk, jump or climb.

But, Flynn was highly functional, compensating for his lack of balance and dexterity through sheer determination. He was also a loving and affectionate cat always wanting to sit close to people and purred loudly. He loved being brushed and would play with his toys.

After our medical and behavior teams evaluated Flynn, we knew we had to help him find a new home. All Flynn needed was patient and gentle handling and an owner who understood his condition. A few weeks later, a woman who came in looking to adopt a dog, saw Flynn. After hearing about his medical condition, she didn't want to meet anyone else. She said that she too shakes and felt that she and Flynn would get along great. Today, Flynn has settled in nicely and is giving and receiving lots of love.

Why You Should Have a Family Veterinarian
By Dr. Julia Lewis, Director of Medical Services for HSSV

As soon as you acquire a pet, you should develop a relationship with a veterinarian so that you have a family vet. Even though pets adopted from HSSV may be fully vaccinated and checked by our staff veterinarians, you should have your vet examine your new pet within one to two weeks of bringing him home. This allows your vet to be introduced to your new family member and to establish a baseline by which to compare should your pet develop any problems. Your vet can also serve as a resource to provide advice about feeding, grooming, training, etc. It's also advisable to have a relationship with a veterinarian that you trust before a problem develops and you find you must go to the first veterinarian you can get in to see.

Use your pet's first visit to the vet as an opportunity to determine if that vet meets your and your pet's needs. If you do this while your pet is healthy, you won't feel pressured to go back to that vet if you or your pet doesn't feel comfortable.

Your pets should have an annual exam with your family vet, while older pets may require twice yearly exams, even if you don't sense any problems or health issues. By seeing your pet annually, your family vet may be able to detect problems in the very early stages providing a diagnosis and treatment that may be minor versus waiting until a problem is so advanced that the cost for diagnosis and treatment becomes a burden.

Calling All Artists and T-Shirt Lovers!

Meld your love of pets and design into one! Design a “Man’s Best Friends” themed t-shirt for HSSV!  In partnership with, we challenge you to design a t-shirt that can be shared with all pet lovers! It will be used as our official t-shirt for fundraising and marketing activities, and will be sold in our Whole Pets Store. Prizes: $500 cash and more!  The winning design will be selected by Humane Society Silicon Valley. 

Contest submissions are due by Wednesday, July 21. T-shirt theme: “Man’s Best Friends” Pets play a significant role in our lives. Whether our pet provides special bonding moments in our day, or make our lives easier, pet owners adore their companion. Show us why pets are “Man’s Best Friends.” For design specifications and submissions, visit Goodjoe’s website!


Humane Society Silicon Valley Presents:  How Dogs Learn and How Best to Train Them:  The "Secrets" of Trainers Seminar
HSSV Animal Community Center, Classroom B
Saturday, July 24, 2010 from 10:30-11:30 am

Nancy Weller of A DOG'S LIFE will share all her training secrets!  Do you ever wonder why your dog pays so much attention to your class trainer? (No, it's not just the food!) Do you want your dog to respond to you that way? Come and find out the secrets that trainers use to train their dogs. This enlightening seminar is for HUMANS ONLY (since we don't want our dogs to know our secrets!).
The cost for this one hour seminar is $35 ($30 for HSSV Dog Park Members and A DOG'S LIFE members).  To learn more and register for this seminar, visit our events calendar.


Humane Society Silicon Valley Presents:  Pit Bulls 101
HSSV Animal Community Center, Classroom B
Sunday, July 25, 2010 from 4:00-5:00 pm

Taught by Our Pack Inc. Pit Bull Rescue
Attend this one-hour free seminar at Humane Society Silicon Valley and learn all about the American Pit Bull Terrier breed!  Topics include:  having a successful relationship with your dog, pit bulls and other pets, dog parks, meeting new dogs, and monster myths.  A question and answer session is also provided.  This is a perfect seminar for new pit bull owners and those curious about the breed.  All attendees will receive a FREE informational packet. THIS SEMINAR IS FOR HUMANS ONLY.

 RSVP here to let us know you will be attending!


Humane Society Silicon Valley Presents:  Introduction to Animal Reiki
HSSV Animal Community Center, Classroom B
Wednesday, July 28 from 6:00-8:00 pm

Join us when Lean D’Ambrosio, Reiki and Animal Reiki Master/Teacher and Founder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association will introduce you to the system of Reiki.  This class is for all animal lovers who are interested in learning about how Reiki can not only help deepen their relationship with the animals in their lives but also promote healing on physical and emotional levels.  To learn more and register for this seminar, visit our events calendar.


Two Exciting Seminars, One Great Weekend at HSSV Co-Hosted with Positively Trained and the South Bay Trainers!

Positive Training for Show Dogs with Vicki Ronchette
HSSV Animal Community Center
Saturday, August 7, 2010
from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Many people learn how to train their dogs for show by trial and error—emphasis on “error.” Much of the information about show-dog training is learned through ringside observation and word-of-mouth from experienced exhibitor to novice. The results are mixed—some things work well, others don't—and you may not know why.  On Saturday, Vicki will show you how to apply the latest scientific research on how dogs learn to the world of dog showing. Whether you are just getting started in the breed ring or are an experienced show-dog handler or dog-training instructor, you will enjoy learning how to work with humans and dogs as partners and how to get outstanding showing results by using positive reinforcement without punishment. To register for this seminar, visit our events calendar.

Reactive Rover with Kim Moeller
HSSV Animal Community Center
Sunday, August 8th, 2010 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Barking and lunging on leash is one of the most common and troublesome behavioral issues dog owners encounter. On Sunday, Kim will provide tips to dog owners and trainers alike on how to work with Reactive Rovers. In this seminar, Kim will:
•    Teach trainers how to coach their clients to manage dogs who go crazy when they see another dog while on leash,
•    Help you understand why dogs bark or lunge at other dogs while on leash,
•    Give you tools to manage your dog's behavior and to teach an alternate behavior to prevent barking and lunging on leash.

Throughout the day, Kim will take you through a series of case studies and video footage to map out treatment protocols. To register for this seminar, visit our events calendar.

Visit Positively Trained's website for more information about these two seminars.


Need a Pet-Friendly Hotel?        

If you have travel plans where you can’t take your dog, HSSV offers overnight boarding here at our Animal Community Center. BUT if you prefer to hit the road with your pet, you can look up pet-friendly hotels and make reservations through  And when you do, HSSV will benefit, too!  HSSV receives a $5 donation every time you make a reservation for a pet friendly hotel room on


Summertime Shopping at CafeGive® to Save Animals’ Lives

HSSV - CafeGiveAre you looking for an excuse to purchase a little something for yourself? Or, do you need to buy a birthday present, Father's Day or graduation gift? Shop through where there are hundreds of stores that can earn money for HSSV!

It’s easy. Go to and select HSSV to be your charity of choice. When you shop, every purchase you make delivers a portion of that purchase to HSSV! For every five people who sign up as a FREE member on CafeGive®, a little more of this darling photo (right) will be revealed!

Once you get on the CafeGive site, you'll see how many awesome stores there are and how your everyday (and special) shopping can help to save lives by directing funds to HSSV.

Two Paws Up!

Not everyone wants to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon but who doesn’t want to help find loving homes for rescued pets? Two Paws Up! to A.J. Singh of Lil’ Chick Pet Sitters for combining two of her passions  — hiking and pets — to raise funds for Humane Society Silicon Valley and The Rabbit Haven.

While A.J. does the hard work of hiking 20 miles into and out of the Grand Canyon, you can be part of her team by making every mile count and making a contribution. You can either donate a certain amount for every mile of her 20-mile hike, or a flat donation to show your support. 100% of the funds raised will go to HSSV and The Rabbit Haven. Per A.J.: “Fundraising for rescued animals makes my hike even more rewarding and such an easy way to make a difference in the lives of the forgotten pets. Please give what you can and be their hero.”


Two Paws Up! to Beshoff Infiniti and Brian Aghajani for raising over $1,300 for HSSV! For the second year in a row, Beshoff Infiniti chose HSSV as their charity of choice for their Performance Car Show fundraiser this June; thanks to their raffle and enthusiastic support, they nearly tripled their donation over last year! Thank you, Brian and Beshoff Infiniti!


Two Paws Up! to Hitachi Data Systems in Santa Clara for having a "Dog Days" Pet Fair one work day in June and donating $5,000 to HSSV! During the event, Hitachi employees could bring their dogs to work and compete in a "Best Dog Tickets" contest and a photo contest. HSSV volunteers brought four adoptable dogs, a cat and several kittens for employees to meet and potentially adopt. Thank you Hitachi for your generous donation and for making pets a part of your work day!


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