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Behavior & Training

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Behavior & Training

At Humane Society Silicon Valley, we know that your relationship with your pet is very important! Perhaps you’ve just adopted a puppy and want to raise him to have good manners, or maybe your adult rabbit is suddenly digging up all the carpet in the house, or possibly your senior cat is keeping you up all night with meowing and yowling…don’t worry, we have the help you need!

Although we often feel our pets understand us completely, it’s important to know that animals have a different language, different social structure and different values than us human beings. When seeking to change your pet's behavior, it’s critical that you understand how your pet thinks and learns so you can effectively teach them appropriate manners or change unwanted behaviors.

Below, you’ll find a variety of behavior and training resources to support you and your pet for the cycle of your pet’s life! You can sign up for training classes, seminars and workshops that maintain the bond between you and your pet (yes pet, because we offer training classes for dogs, cats and even rabbits)! You can access our behavior and training library for information on how to encourage wanted behaviors or discourage unwanted behaviors. If you need additional assistance on your pet’s behavior, visit our Animal Behavior Help link for referrals to trainers and other pet professionals who can help with your individual needs.   We’re here to help you and your pet become and stay best friends for life!