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Spay & Neuter Service


Got Chis

Humane Society Silicon Valley offers affordable spay and neuter surgery for dogs, cats and rabbits. Surgery is by appointment only and includes pain medication and a complimentary nail trim.

To Schedule An Appointment:

Surgery appointments are available Monday-Saturday. Surgery drop-off time is 6:30-7:30 am and pick up is 4-6pm.

  1. Call or come in to the medical center to schedule your appointment.

  2. A deposit ($50 for dogs, $25 for cats) is required to hold your appointment date.*

  3. All dogs must be on leash. Cats and rabbits must be in carriers. 

  4. Please let us know if your pet has any medical conditions, is currently taking any medication, or is aggressive with other animals or people.

Medical Center Hours: Contact Information:
Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm             (408) 262-2133 x108
Sunday 10am-3pm 

*The deposit is non-refundable and not transferable to other pets, but will be applied toward the total cost of surgery. Please have a Visa or Mastercard available if scheduling by phone.


Regular Rates*

(New rates as of July 1, 2015)
Additional charges ($25-$100) may apply for any animal that is pregnant, in heat, cryptorchid, or overweight.

Dogs (Surgery pricing is based on the weight of your pet)

  Female Male
under 50 pounds
51-75 pounds $150 $120
76-99 pounds $180 $150
100 pounds and over
$180 + $3 per additional pound
$150 + $2 per additional pound


  Female Male


Rabbits (Must be at least 3.5 lbs and six months of age)

  Female Male


*Cats and dogs must have proof of vaccination in order to be admitted for surgery. If an animal is not current, we can provide vaccines at an additional cost. 

Additional services are available at the time of surgery. They include heartworm testing, FELV/FIV testing (cats), deciduous tooth extraction, and dewclaw removal (dogs), additional charges apply

Homeless/Feral Cat Services

What is TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return)?
TNR reduces homeless cat populations by surgically sterilizing cats so they cannot reproduce. New data shows that TNR, when accompanied by ongoing homeless cat management, is still the most effective, humane method of reducing homeless cat populations (called colonies).

Cats are humanely trapped, taken to shelters or veterinary clinics where they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  Their ears are tipped/notched so people can see that they belong to a managed colony. Only healthy cats are placed back in their colonies so there is no health risk to other cats and animals.

TNR helps make cats better community citizens.  Their colonies gradually diminish in size and by reducing or eliminating yowling associated with mating, fighting and wandering, colonies become more stable - there are fewer  newcomers and the health of the cats improves.

For more information about homeless/feral cats, visit our the feral cat web page

Our Subsidized Feral Fix Program

As part of Humane Society Silicon Valley's mission to save and enhance lives, we offer a program available to anyone caring for a feral cat or kitten(s). We do this to make costs lower for caregivers and more importantly, to be able to offer TNR for all feral cats, regardless of where they reside. The surgery includes spay or neuter, a FVRCP (distemper) and a rabies vaccine and a mandatory tip/notch of the ear (for identification).

  • Free for Santa Clara County residents (photo identification is required)
  • $50 for out of county residents

We do offer additional services at the time of surgery, by request, for homeless/feral cats:

Combo test (FeLV/FIV) - $45 If you think you may have a sick cat in your colony, it is recommended to test for FeLV and FIV to prevent these diseases from being spread throughout the colony.

Flea preventative treatment - free for Santa Clara County residents, $5 for out of county
We use Revolution (a Pfizer product) flea control which also treats ear mites, intestinal worms (except tapeworms), and prevents heartworms.

HomeAgain Microchip (includes registration) - free for Santa Clara County residents, $5 plus tax for out of county
The microchip is registered for the life of the cat. If a cat in your colony is found and turned in to a shelter, and the cat has a registered microchip, you will be notified so you can help get the cat back to its colony.

Tape Worm Treatment - free for Santa Clara County residents, $10 for out of county

All cats must be brought in a humane trap and only one cat per trap. An appointment must be made in advance for all TNR surgeries.

-Prices of services subject to change without notice--