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Animal Rescue Organizations

Cat Rescue Organizations

* C.A.R.E. Companion Animal Rescue Effort (Cats)
* Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter (FOSMAS) - Foster/Adoption program working with Santa Clara County Animal Shelter
* Furry Friends Rescue
* Homeless Cat Network
* Maine Coon Adoptions
* Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (N.A.R.F.)
* Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue - Mill Valley
* Safe Haven Cat Rescue
* Siamese Rescue Alliance
* Feline Friends Rescue
* Town Cats in Morgan Hill
* Unconditional Love Rescue

Mixed Breed Organizations

* C.A.R.E. Companion Animal Rescue Effort (Dogs & Cats)
* Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter (FOSMAS) - Foster/Adoption program working with Santa Clara County Animal Shelter
* Furry Friends Rescue
* Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (N.A.R.F.)
* Northern California Animal Rescue(email)
* Pet Network
* Santa Cruz SPCA
* Stanford Cat Network

Pure Breed Organizations

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Alphabetical By Breed:


Contacts and More Information

Affenpinscher email: toy.rsq@aol.com
Afghan www.afghanhound911.com
Airedale Terrier Northern Cal Airedale Rescue (831) 768-1008 or (408) 896-5336
email: bluacre@aol.com
Alaskan Malamute email: spiritofashadow@aol.com
American Cocker Spaniel  
American Brittany American Brittany Rescue
email: fairbank@dnai.com
American Water Spaniel email: lapiws@aol.com
Anatolian Shepherd email: cdlc@netcom.com
Basenji B.R.A.T. (Basenji Rescue and Transport)
Basset Hound Golden Gate Basset Rescue
email: ggbassetrescue@hotmail.com
Northern California Beagle Rescue www.norcalbeagles.com
Belgian Turvuren Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers
Bichon Frise
Jackie Linich email: jlinich@alamedanet.net
Border Terrier  
Brussels Griffon National Brussels Griffon Rescue
Borzoi www.brnc.org
Bouvier des Flanders The Bouvier des Flandres Club of Northern California
Boxer Northern California Boxer Rescue
Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Rescue
Cairn Terrier  
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel email: cavalierrescuetrust@comcast.net
Chinese Crested  
Northern California Collie Rescue www.calcollierescue.org
Clumber Spaniel email: sweeny@leland.stanford.ed
Doberman Pinscher email: jladyman@castles.com
Bull Terrier email: shariuno@earthlink.net
English Cocker Spaniel email: classickennels@msm.com
English Springer Spaniel
Golden Gate Springer Rescue
Finnish Spitz  
German Shepherd

German Shepard Rescue of Northern California

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue

German Shorthair Pointer

German Shorthair Pointer Rescue of the S.F. Bay Area

Northern California German Shorthair Pointer Rescue

Golden Retriever

NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue
Greyhound Greyhounds Friends for Life - 1-800-G-HOUNDS
North Coast Greyhound Support 1-800-366-1472
California Greyhound Adoption & Rescue
Irish Water Spaniel  
Irish Setter Irish Setter Rescue
Jack Russell Terrier email: deresq@softcom.net
Japanese Chin email: toy.rsq@aol.com
Keeshond Keeshond Rescue
email: info@keeshondrescue.org
Labrador Retriever Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue
Mexican Hairless  
Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher Rescue
Newfoundland Newfoundland Health and Rescue
Norfolk Terrier  
Norwegian Elkhound email: blt@eng.sun.com
Norwich Terrier  
Old English Sheepdog email: WP-blumtn@earthlink.com
Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen email: Lkova@aol.com
Pit Bull BadRap.org
Poodle - Miniature or Toy  
Pug Pug Rescue of Sacramento
Puli email: pppuli@aol.com
Rat Terrier  
Rhodesian Ridgeback email: resqrij@ridgeback.org
Saluki email: fehrman@sirius.com
Samoyed San Francisco Samoyed Rescue California
Paul Gamlin (415)-451-7175 email: pinecrest.1@rcn.com
Scottish Deerhound email: kopfj@aimnet.com
Scottish Terrier email: ajscottie@aol.com
Shiba Inu email: WodkaSibs@aol.com
Shihtzu email: toy.rsq@aol.com
Siamese Cat Siamese Rescue Alliance
Siberian Husky Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue / email: siberescue@bayareasiberian.org
Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier email: ledition@ix.netcom
Tibetan Terrier  
Toy Breeds  
Toy Fox Terrier  
Toy Breed Rescue email: toydogrsq@aol.com
Vizsla email: doggyjack@aol.com or email: imc@aimnet.com
Welsh Corgi email: rfraser@ACCESSCOM.COM
Welsh Terrier email: ddj@best.com
West Highland Terrier Westie Rescue of Northern California

Rabbit and Small Animal Rescue Organizations

* Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society
* House Rabbit Society - Rabbit Rescue, care and behavior education
* Cavy Spirit - Guinea Pig Rescue
* Mickaboo Cockateil Rescue
* The Rabbit Haven Sanctuary - Small animal rescue
* Save a Bunny - Rabbit rescue