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P.U.P. (Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies) Program



Did your dog or cat have a litter of little ones?  Consider bringing them to HSSV, our Adoptions Program will find them loving homes after we vaccinate, microchip and spay/neuter them.  You get peace of mind knowing that the babies have been matched with their new homes by trained HSSV adoption specialists and that they will not add to the pet over-population problem.  Best of all, we will spay and return Mom - all at no charge to you.  Medical Center surgery requirement for age and vaccination, fees for other services may apply.  Puppies or kittens must be under 3 months to quailify.

Start the process by sending us a PUP Questionaire.  Our staff will contact you to review your questionnaire and discuss options within 24-hours of receipt.  Please return your completed pet owner questionnaire via e.mail to, via fax to 408-262-2131, or you may drop it off in person at our Animal Community Center Receiving Lobby located at 901 Ames Avenue in Milpitas.  If approved for admission, we will schedule your animal's spay appointment the same day as we admit her puppies or kittens.

Download your Pet Owner Questionnaire.

HSSV reserves the right to refuse this service if there is any question regarding ownership of the animals or if the animals are not in good health. Program availability based on space, please call our Customer Care department for additional information.