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Community Events

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to benefit the animals!

In order to ensure that Humane Society Silicon Valley’s (HSSV’s) brand and reputation are properly represented through your efforts, we ask that all event coordinators, with the exception of those outlined directly below, complete our community event application.

You may skip this application if:

  • You want to host a “Dining 4 Animals” potluck fundraising event. Please call Bridget Keenan at 408-942-3006 or email for more information, to set up your event, and arrange for an HSSV representative to attend.
  • Your event is a donation drive for goods such as blankets and dog treats. Please refer to our FAQs and toolkit.
  • You wish to rent a classroom or conference room at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. Please see room rentals.
  • You wish to host a child’s birthday party at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. Please see birthday parties.
  • You wish to visit our Milpitas Animal Community Center for a half-day corporate volunteering experience. Please see corporate volunteering.
  • You wish to sponsor an HSSV signature event. Please see event sponsorship.
  • You wish to fundraise for HSSV via ongoing product sales from your company. Please contact

Event Ideas

  • Auction or raffle (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Car wash (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Dog wash (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Bake sale (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Wine tasting (entry fee)
  • Beer tasting (entry fee)
  • Casual/jeans day (pay $10 to wear jeans to work)
  • Holiday party (entry fee or suggested donation)
  • Concession stand at little league games (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Loose change jar (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Dunk tank ($5 for 3 attempts)
  • Pampered Chef, Tupperware, or Jewelry party (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Book sale (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Talent show (entry fee)
  • Garage sale (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • House cleaning (for donations)
  • Pet sitting (proceeds benefit HSSV)
  • Gift wrapping (for donations)
  • Kissing booth (a dog kissing booth, of course!)
  • Cook-off (entry fee)
  • Lemonade stand (proceeds benefit HSSV)

For events like these, we suggest becoming an online fundraiser. Check it out!

  • Athletic tournament (golf, volleyball, tennis, softball, bowling)
  • 5K, 10K, or marathon (charge entry fee)
  • Workplace Fundraising Competition
  • Birthday party

Event Guidelines

  • While HSSV may be able to provide guidance and limited support to event coordinators who have completed the community event application, we do not have the personnel to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with community events. Therefore, you are responsible for all details of the event including but not limited to: underwriting all related costs; recruiting volunteers; publicizing the event; working at the actual event.
  • The event must be promoted in a manner to avoid statements or the appearance of HSSV endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual, or service. (Also see the section entitled “Prohibited Conduct”).
  • If you are unsure whether the content, venue, etc., of your event aligns with HSSV’s branding and organizational values, (e.g. circus event), please complete the online application and describe your concerns in the final question; “Do you have any other questions or critical event information to share?”
  • HSSV’s name and logo must be used in accordance with our logo use guidelines.
  • For sponsored events, HSSV should receive a list of targeted sponsors for the event before they are approached to minimize overlap with other HSSV events and/or fundraising. Please send your list to
  • Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all permits (temporary food facilities, raffles, etc.).
  • Event organizers must obtain their own liability insurance to cover the event. HSSV is not financially liable for any aspect of the event.
  • If your event had an expense budget, only the net proceeds should be reported to HSSV.
  • It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to obtain permission for use from any person (or guardian of a person) featured in any promotional photo(s) provided to HSSV by the event coordinator. Photos provided for this purpose must be at least 72 DPI.

Prohibited Conduct

Please note, you may not organize or participate in any fundraising activities (including but not limited to hosting events or organizing online fundraisers) for or on behalf of HSSV that involve any of the following:

  • Violation of any law, statute, ordinance or regulation, or activities or items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in such violation
  • Activities or items that promote intolerance of any protected class
  • Activities or items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity, or privacy or any other proprietary right under any jurisdiction
  • Activities or items oriented toward explicitly adult activities or content

Marketing Toolkit for Community Events

Download promotional materials like logos, branded photos, and poster templates!

Flyers and Documents

Branded Images


Frequently Asked Questions

What is HSSV’s mission?
Humane Society Silicon Valley’s mission is to save and enhance lives, both two and four-legged.

Is HSSV a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?
Yes, Humane Society Silicon Valley is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our Federal Tax ID # is 94-1196215.

Is the money my event raises tax-deductible?
Yes, it is! It is important to note, however, that HSSV needs a full name and mailing address and/or email address in order to send a tax receipt to a participating donor. Please use our donation form to track your gifts.

How do I ensure that my donors receive receipts?
Please download our donation form and advise your supporters to return it to you, completed, along with their gift. As long as we have a completed form to accompany each gift, we can mail a receipt within a week of receiving the gift(s)! Event coordinators may opt to complete a single donation form accounting for cumulative donations, all delivered to our donor team at once. Please note that this method will allow for only one party to be receipted. If your donors require individual receipts for their contributions, this option is not appropriate.

What forms of payment does HSSV accept for donations?
Event donations can be made via cash, check or credit card, using this donation form. If you wish to conduct an online fundraiser, please visit our Personal Fundraising Page (and thanks!!).

How should checks be made payable?
Please make checks payable to HSSV and return to us with a completed donation form.

Will HSSV staff or volunteers attend my event?
We do our best to support those who support the animals! If possible, given at least 6-8 weeks’ notice, a volunteer and/or a staff member will gladly attend to serve as an HSSV ambassador. This person will be prepared to answer a variety of questions about our work, sign up participants to receive our emails, and introduce participants to animals, if applicable. To request volunteer/staff attendance; please complete our community event application.

Can HSSV bring adoptable animals to my event?
This is a very popular question, understandably! The answer is, it depends. It depends on staff/volunteer availability, availability of animal(s) well suited to the event environment, the event size, location, and accommodations, etc. We also ask that you bear in mind that HSSV’s top priority is to find homes for our animals. We have found that they have the best chance at finding a family on any given day when they’re centrally located at one of our adoption centers. As such, we respectfully ask that you carefully consider the likelihood of onsite adoptions occurring at your event before requesting them in your community event application. Thanks!

Will HSSV provide materials for my event, like brochures?
A variety of educational and promotional materials, like brochures and poster templates are available in soft copy, via our toolkit. You’re welcome to download anything you need!

Will HSSV promote my event?
Whether or not we’re able to promote your event depends on a variety of factors such as the anticipated size of the event and the time of year. For additional information, please refer to our promotion and recognition guidelines.

How will my event and its supporters be recognized?
All donors who make a gift in support of your event using our donation form will receive a mailed thank you letter / tax receipt. What’s more, on a weekly basis, staff and volunteers reach out to donors by phone and email, to make personal connections and offer heartfelt thanks. Though we’re unable to thank every donor in this way, you can certainly expect that some of your supporters will hear from us! These calls are thank-you calls only, not solicitations.  Donors to online personal fundraising efforts will receive their thank you / tax receipt automatically via email, immediately following their transaction.

Depending upon the total amount raised by your event, it may be recognized via social media, in our quarterly newsletter, or on our homepage. Please refer to our promotion and recognition guidelines for more information.

Can I host my event at HSSV?
Yes, events can be hosted at HSSV. To learn more about this option, please see room rentals.

What is the money I raised going toward?
Donations made in support of HSSV help provide a safety net for animals in need in Silicon Valley and some neighboring communities. As an independent, non-profit organization, we receive 75% of our funding from private donors like you. The remaining 25% comes from service charges, like adoption fees. HSSV receives no government funding, nor are we affiliated with Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Gifts made in support of HSSV stay in our shared community, helping the animals that rely on our care. Your support is critically important to our life-saving mission successes. Here are some of the amazing achievements recently enabled by the support of our caring community.

  • HSSV saves 100% of all healthy animals in our care, a standard we have upheld since 2006 and have committed to maintaining forever, going forward.
  • HSSV saves more than 90% of ALL animals in our care.
  • HSSV places more than 3,800 animals in loving, permanent homes each year.
  • HSSV performs and influences more than 8,000 spay/neuter surgeries each year, at least two-thirds of which are low-fee or no-fee surgeries.
  • HSSV’s Humane Education department reaches more than 8,000 children each year, including summer camp, and programs for at-risk youth.

My event is over. What do I do with the money I raised?
Congratulations and thank you for your life-saving support! You can either mail your money to us, or drop it off in person. Here’s how:

Please download and complete our donation form. Please seal your completed form in an envelope containing all your donations and either mail it to us, or drop it off, as follows:

Mail to:
Donor Team
Humane Society Silicon Valley
901 Ames Ave.
Milpitas, CA 95035

Please seal your donation form and contributions in an envelope, marked to the attention of the Donor Team and bring the envelope to:

Humane Society Silicon Valley, Main Adoptions Entrance
901 Ames Ave.
Milpitas, CA 95035
Mon.-Fri.: 12 p.m. 7 p.m.
Sat. & Sun.: 10 a.m. 7 p.m.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?
Kid/Teen-Focused Events: Elana Garfinkle: 408-262-2133 ext. 137
Corporate Events: Joanna Wlodarzewska: 408-262-2133 ext. 119
Adoption Events: Lauren Wickman: 408-262-2133 ext. 165
All Other Events: Rachel Gerston: 408-262-2133 ext. 106

Promotion and Recognition Guidelines

HSSV’s marketing team is active online and in local media, promoting mission-critical programs like adoption, volunteering, foster care, and low-cost spay/neuter. Because our first priority is to meet the needs of the animals and people that rely on our care and services, promotion of these programs and our two annual events, Walk ‘n Wag and The Fur Ball, will take precedence over cross-promotion for and recognition of community events.

Remember to use our event marketing toolkit! Plenty of downloadable resources are available there for your use.

Due to high volume of requests for cross-promotion, HSSV cannot guarantee promotion of your event, but encourages all coordinators that have adhered to HSSV’s community event guidelines to “tag” us via social media, using any of the following:

Annual events that have historically raised $1,000+ for HSSV will be eligible for pre-event promotion on one or more of our social media channels. If this applies to your event, please specify that in your community event application. If you have already submitted your application, please notify

Your event may qualify for a social media “shout out” if it generates $500+ in donations. Post-event recognition of this type will occur once HSSV is in receipt of donated funds and will be contingent upon no scheduling conflicts for in-house promotions.

It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to obtain permission for use from any person (or guardian of a person) featured in any promotional photo(s) provided to HSSV by the event coordinator. Photos provided for this purpose must be at least 72 DPI.

Individual donors who give $1,000+ will become members of HSSV’s President’s Circle. Businesses that give $1,000+ will be recognized on our Organizational Giving donor wall in our lobby the following year.